Maternal nutrition determines the date of delivery

A group of researchers from Sweden, Norway and Iceland proved that the quality of food affects the total duration of pregnancy and date of birth of the child. As confirmation of his words, scientists give the results of the analysis 66 thousand cases of pregnancy.

According to data, about 5% of all births start too early. Most often this happens with women who do not observe during pregnancy diet.

There are three main types of food: Western, traditional and rational. When the Western diet people prefer ready-made products, traditional vegetables, potatoes and fish. Balanced diet endorses the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread and large quantities of clean water.

Research has proven that the Western diet is more often leads to the development of arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus. These two factors can exacerbate the course of pregnancy and lead to preterm birth.

Experts recommend that women be attentive to what they eat during the period of gestation. This is important for the health of the future child and the health of the mother.

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