Massages in the fight against cellulite

Cellulite is a night and day nightmare women, who pursues them everywhere and not left alone even for a minute. No evil is not to be compared with the consequences of loose and sagging skin. Overweight and unkempt appearance destroys personal life, reduces self-esteem, instills complexes and simply does not normally exist! So, without hesitating one minute, start to eliminate cellulite at home.

The best method to fight cellulite - massage. There are only 3 types of massage: vacuum, manual and hardware.

1) Vacuum anti-cellulite massage is carried out with the aid pharmacy cans. You can find them at any pharmacy, massage you will need only 2 banks.

For carrying out vacuum massage, you can use anti-cellulite cream, regular body lotion or honey.

During the massage, the body is applied the cream and begin to massage the body using cans, you can make circular and tapping motion. The massage should last no more than 15 minutes, otherwise it will be bruising and abrasions.

It is more efficient to use honey, because it is sticky and effect "vacuum" will promote the breakdown of fat deposits.

2) Hand massage. During the massage using your hands. Stroking and stroking movements apply the cream on the skin and gently massage. Duration of massage is not more than 20 minutes. The advantage is that massage can be carried out more frequently than other types of massage, but not more than 4 times a week.

Also for manual massage can be used and honey, the result will be almost the same as in the previous case quickly and efficiently.

3) massage apparatus. For carrying out anti-cellulite massage need to buy a special massager with vibrating effect. Vibration affects the subcutaneous layer of fat and for a short time, eliminates cellulite.

To buy the equipment will not be difficult, online store, shopping at retail and TV offer a huge range of goods.

Hardware massage is not recommended for more than 3 times a week, after conducting useful to coat the affected area with anti-cellulite cream.

Contra-cellulite massage are: varicose veins, thrombosis of blood vessels, skin diseases.

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