Massage for children

Modern massage for infants and older children uses mostly the techniques and principles of Indian and Swedish massage and yoga. Baby massage is favorable relationship between a child and an adult, soothes the child, encourage him nervous, respiratory, digestive and immune system and helps to alleviate these troubles like cramps, minor bleeding, etc.

Massage also affects the development of the child's personality. Renowned anthropologist Ashley Montagu (Ashley Montagu in his writings repeatedly reminds us of the significant role of touch, tactile contacts for the physical and mental development of the child. For example, he indicates that at the beginning of XX century, 60% of children born in American shelters, died including due to the lack of tactile contact with their parents.

In addition, this procedure is particularly indicated in cases where a newborn is separated from the mother immediately after birth for medical reasons (premature birth, caesarean section, postpartum depression in the mother, and so on).

A bit of history

Already thousands of years massage children is an important part of the lives of numerous civilizations and this practice is firmly embedded in our modern lives. This, first of all, contributed to the mission of American Vimala Schneider McClure (Vimala Schneider McClure), which began to enter baby massage in the United States in the early 80-ies of the last century. Previously, working in the Indian shelters, she was deeply impressed by the fact that Indian women, despite great poverty, a lot of attention to tactile contact with their children (including massage treatments).

In the U.S. McClure applied their new knowledge to their own children and the results exceeded all expectations. After that, she began to study various works about child development and the effects of massage treatments on infants. The result is a new modern school of massage, which contains various techniques borrowed from different methods.

In 1977 McClure writes book on baby massage and begins to teach his techniques. Created the international Association of Baby Massage (IAIM) with the aim of spreading knowledge and experience in this area. In the framework of the IAIM offers training to parents and professionals who want to use these procedures for medicinal purposes.

IAIM is the only international organization providing education in the areas of infant massage, has a lot of compartments, in which trained parents. Since 1992, the legal address of the organization moved to Sweden and offices in almost 40 countries.

To date, the effectiveness of baby massage treatments from parents or expert in baby massage, proven by numerous clinical trials.

Child massage for therapeutic purposes

The benefits of massage for the child proved for both its physical and psychological development. Indeed, as shown by the results of clinical trials, this procedure can improve the child's sleep will help him better to gain weight, soothe intestinal colic and, very importantly, to foster a positive emotional connection between the child and his parents.

Postpartum depression in mothers

In clinical trials, 40 children aged 1-3 months whose mothers were depressed, were subjected to a massage for 15 minutes 2 times a week for 6 weeks. These children had gained weight, less crying, less asleep. Studies have also shown that baby massage treatments for depression in mothers helps them to improve their psychological condition.

In 2006 were held and other clinical trials. Forty mothers who had preterm birth, were divided into two groups. In the first group treatments for children was carried out by the mothers themselves, in the second group did a special massage sisters. All mothers whose children were subjected to massages, noted a decrease in their depressive state. Meanwhile, only those mothers who themselves did this procedure to their children, almost completely got rid of the depression.

Improving newborn sleep

In clinical trials, which lasted 14 days, 21 children aged 6 weeks were given a daily massage therapy for a half hour before bedtime. The results showed that massage therapy helps resolve rhythms of sleep and waking the baby up. In addition, examination of the urine of these children showed that the procedure increases the secretion of the hormone melatonin - the sleep hormone.

Another group of studies allowed us to assess the child's sleep. One hundred children aged two months were divided into two groups: one group received a massage, while others don't. After 6 months infants receiving massage therapy, less began to snore during sleep at night is less than required to drink from the nipples or to breastfeed were more energetic during the day.

Contraindications for massage children

The procedure cannot be done to the child, if he is sick, if he has a fever or if he is very tired. You cannot perform this procedure immediately after feeding, after surgery or skin diseases.

In all other cases, the child is healthy or have some diseases that are effectively treated with massage, can take courses for massage therapy, which should be made by the mother or certified expert.

Children's medical center Moscow, "Markoska".

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