Massage for children under one year

Quite important for the health of each child is the massage which is especially necessary in the age of 1 year. It is worth noting that his conduct is necessary not only to children who have health problems, but the chaps. This procedure can have beneficial effects on the immune system, and also be excellent prevention of many diseases.

Most kids nowadays are born with increased muscle tone, which prevents the proper development of the child, but because he just needed help. The children's therapist, who must be qualified and have medical education will help the child with this illness just a few treatments.

Technique of massage for children under one year.

If you compare massage for children with an adult, it can be noted that the equipment they are carrying out practically the same. The only difference is the power which is therapy. Because the child is very thin and tender skin, the movement of the specialist should be gentle and not to cause the baby discomfort. Proper massage should be carried out taking into account all the anatomical features of the baby, in order not to harm his body.

The simplest methods are:

• Rubbing, which must be gentle in order not to damage the baby's skin.

• Kneading is done only by the fingertips.

• Vibration should be focused on each individual part of the body of the child.

• Tingling, very careful that the baby was not hurt.

Because a baby's skin is very delicate and it's easy enough to corrupt, child therapist must use softeners during the procedure. This may be a specialized children's cream or sterile oil to cook which you can yourself.

Properly conducted course of massage treatments will have the following effects on the body of your child:

• Relax and, if necessary, strengthen muscles.

• Will have a positive impact on your joints.

• Calms the nervous system.

• Help with illnesses that affect the respiratory system.

• Improve blood circulation.

If you have a completely healthy child, then you may well perform massage yourself, but ask your doctor to show you how to do all the necessary exercises.

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