Massage during pregnancy

Itself pregnancy is the most beautiful, but at the same time, a difficult time in the life of every woman. But in parallel, this period is accompanied by considerable changes both physical and emotional.

It is necessary during pregnancy, the expectant mother to find time to take care of their health, on their health. This she starts to take care of their child.

Doctors have developed a special massage for pregnant women, which aims at reducing the uncomfortable conditions that are directly related to the increasing load on the spine, changes in hormonal status of women.

Massage during pregnancy helps relieve pain in the back, to relax tense muscles, has a relaxing effect on the Central and peripheral nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. But at the same time massage the pregnant woman has some differences from the usual massage. Movement of the massage therapist's hands over the smooth, rhythmic and relaxing. Especially this must be against the lumbar region and sacrum.

During the massage, Rog and feet, apply some elements of lymphatic drainage massage, Which in turn is an excellent prevention of edema or if there is swelling, then their treatment.

It is important to remember that during the massage never touched the belly.

To massage a pregnant woman lies on a massage table on the side. Under his belly and placed a rolled blanket or pillow.

Massage during pregnancy has the following therapeutic effects:1. improves lymph circulation and krovoobrashenie. relieves muscle napryajenie. relieves the sensation of pain in the area spiny. eases symptoms of varicose win. improves emotional state gensini. is the prevention of stretch marks

Massage carried out by professionals, is carried out at all stages of pregnancy, if there are no complications of pregnancy.

The massage lasts for about 40-50 minutes. During the session is psychological relaxation, fatigue, muscle tension, pass discomfort. The massage should be done several times in nedelyu week.

But there are contraindications for massage. They are:1. ban obstetrician who watches pregnant genshinu. toxicosis beremennoi. viral infection of the respiratory System4. infectious zabolevaniya. disease cozy. pathology of the heart and cosudow. varicose veins, accompanied chromosom. changes in blood pressure

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