Masonite and their purpose

Mazanti is a compound word, which was the result of the unification of concepts such as "mesotherapy" and "threads". These two words best describe the procedure and its purpose. So the main and probably the only task this procedure is the strengthening of the cell frame after entering in the top layer of leather special threads. When this material is injected into the skin completely harmless and not dangerous. Strictly speaking, this is a common thread used to carry out surgical operations that have already been tested in practice. For example, Korean specialists use such threads with acupuncture.

This procedure has very good possibilities and thanks to her, you can strengthen the oval face shape, because these threads with Rodney ropes and they are very well help the fabric maintain elasticity. Besides, there are several ways of introducing threads, which allow you to work with all the facial muscles, relaxing them, or Vice versa, helping them to shrink. So you can easily lessen creases around the mouth and wrinkles. At the same time, this material increases skin elasticity and improves its General condition. This effect is achieved due to the unique chemical composition of masonite.

After conducting a 3D procedure effect lasts for 9 months, after which the threads just disappear, although if necessary the procedure can be repeated an unlimited number of times. However, before danaoi procedure, you must consult your doctor, because this procedure is not suitable for women in age, as is often the poor condition of the upper leather cover makes it useless. In this case you will need a surgical tummy tuck and then Supplement it can install masonite, which can significantly extend the effect of a face lift. But women younger this procedure will, as time recommended, instead of surgical procedures, as it will perfectly cope with the task of improving the structure of the skin and strengthen the facial contour.

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Contraindications to use of masonite minor and usually relate to people suffering from chronic or allergic diseases or diseases that may be causing nepriryvnosti material. Any other specific contraindications do not exist. However, you must be careful when selecting a clinic and specialist, as a result of the procedure should be to facial rejuvenation, and not disappointment in medicine.

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