Married woman longer breastfeeding baby

For the correct development of the newborn child plays a very important role of breastfeeding. Also, breastfeeding is responsible for the formation of a baby's immune system. Specialists of young mothers (if mom has milk) it is strongly recommended to feed your baby breast milk up to six months at least, if it does not have any contraindications. Meanwhile, in the world there is a tendency of reducing the number of mothers who are nursing their babies breast milk at least until the age of six months. The causes of this trend, there are several - simple reluctance of breastfeeding, and multiple violations of lactation to continue to breastfeed.

The results of a recent study by American scientists allowed us to identify some factors that directly affect the duration of the nursing period.

For the study were selected fifteen hundred lactating women. Before birth and after birth, within one year women were given questionnaires regarding lactation. Based on the results of the survey showed that we can distinguish at least 3 factors that contribute to increase the timing of infant feeding by a breast.

The first factor is the absence in hospital infant formula for additional feeding newborn babies. The second factor is the first attachment to the breast within one hour after birth of the baby, and the third factor is a complete rejection of the application of the nipple.

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For researchers amazing fact was that woman, legally married, their children breastfed longer. In addition, longer lactation differ those women who already have more than one child.

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