Married men should not retire earlier wives

According to a new study by scientists from the USA, men are not encouraged to retire earlier than their wives, because while it won't be at home, there will be no one to look after them.

Women believe that will take care of your health will only retire, men, on the contrary sure, that retirement is fading, and the more they fade, the longer you are unemployed, while their wives work.

Indeed, the study of the health status of people of retirement age came to the conclusion that the state of the cardiovascular system in men deteriorated sharply after retirement, while among women, such changes were not observed.

Scientists from the University of Missouri presented their findings at the annual meeting of the Gerontological society of America, researcher angel Kurla said that it was only when his wife is also retire, they receive the possibility to monitor the health of men, and to guide them to a healthy lifestyle.

Men after retirement would greatly assist to keep fit work part-time. In employment has its own health benefits, work even for a few hours a week support men in tone.

And again, women are responsible for all, even for their husbands at the venerable and wise age, scientists confirm. Although employment is useful, but the constant care of others to the detriment of their interests no good results.

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