Married less prone to depression, but only in a happy marriage

Depression rarely occurs in married women than in those living with a partner without registration or living alone. According to this conclusion is contained in a study by canadian scientists from the University of Toronto.

Postpartum depression among married women happens in 10% of cases, in contrast to 20% of those who live a civil marriage and lonely - 35%. In addition, when cohabitation without registration women are more at risk of domestic violence and drug abuse.

To check all the pros and cons of marriage researchers from Canada have attracted 6,000 women. It turned out, the wedding really improves the life of the fair sex. Women's mental health is less of a risk. However, only under the condition of a happy marriage. If legitimate spouses are alcoholics or those prone to violence, it does not enhance the degree of female happiness.

According to the author of the study Dr. Marcello Urquilla, married women not detected a large number of psychological problems, regardless of the length of their experience of marriage, in the basis of life, which are civil marriage or loneliness. Draw recommendations cannot force people to marry, or to marry, everyone makes a choice on their own. But according to this study, more stable mental health is associated with devotion marital ideals.

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Report on the study published the American journal of Public Health. It contains statistical figures, typical of America: legally married in the United States live 21 million pairs of spouses and civil - slightly more than 2.3 million pairs.

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