Marriage strengthens men's health – study

Family life healthy men. Women family ties so no effect. Scientists from University College London gathered a group of 9,000 people born in March 1958. Two years (2002-2004) was estimated indicators of the health of volunteers, the activity of their brain and respiratory system, writes The Daily Mail.

The most robust health, the researchers note, was recorded among women who married in 25-35 years. Among men, marriage has had a positive effect. Compared to singles, married men were more healthy and toned. And last but not least, a man who is in a civil Union, have had more problems with the lungs compared with men who chose registered family relationships.

The study took into account other factors: the income level of the family, the social status of the spouses, their original condition. In another study, scientists have shown that singles have reduced self-esteem and feel worse. Loneliness reduces lifespan and causes chronic diseases.

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