Marriage prolongs the lifespan

American scientists from Duke University concluded that people who are married live longer than bachelors, writes Daily Mail. The scientists examined data 4802 people who were born in 1940. The results of the analysis showed that the singles were at risk of premature death 2.84 times more than married men. Taking into account various risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco, and even in this case, this figure amounted to 2.3.

Scientists believe that the reason for these results is the positive impact of family ties on life. People who are happily married, are better nourished, while using a healthy diet, they have more friends, and they care about their own half.

According to Ilen Ziegler from the Center of behavioral Sciences, Duke University, the fact of losing a life partner or alone increase the risk of death in middle age and reduce the chance of living to old age.

Previous studies have revealed law, according to which mental and physical health of married people are more sturdy, and they rarely suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

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