Marijuana – the hidden cause mutations in human DNA

The drug provokes mutations in the human genome. This increases the likelihood of many diseases and cancers including. Experts from the University of Western Australia emphasize that mutations that a person earns as a result of Smoking marijuana, it likely will be passed on to future generations. About the result of this work, says the publication The Daily Mail.

Mutations in the genome is very tricky. We do not notice as they happen, however, when the accumulation of a critical mass appear visible sboyat in the body. Note that with age the number of mutations in the body inevitably increases. That is why doctors recommend having a baby at a young age. The probability of diseases of the baby born to elderly parents is much higher.

Marijuana, according to research that further accelerates the recruitment process of mutations. Among them DNA damage, affecting cell growth. The transfer of these damages threatens the child with cancer and underdeveloped limbs, says The Daily Mail.

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