Marijuana likes already 172 million

Already in 2010, five percent of adults at least once in their life have tried this drug. Such data has the Management of the United Nations office on drugs and crime (UNODC).

According to its annual report, in the same year at least once a drug substance used almost 230 million people, whose average age varies from 15 to 64 years. Case mortality among adults associated with the adoption of illicit drugs, is equal to one percent.

Popular drug in the world is still marijuana. "Weed" in 2010 tried almost 172 million. The report also noted the increased demand for health care among those who use cannabis. This effect of increasing health complaints may be associated with the duration of use or with increasing doses of contents in plants psychoactive substances.

The second drug in the world are amphetamine-type stimulants. One of the most prominent representatives of MDMA or "ecstasy". Data narcotic substances used almost 53 million people. The amount of seized MDMA in 2010 exceeded the previous year almost doubled and amounted to 1 300 000 pounds.

The drug of the opium poppy or synthetic analogy in 2010 was used approximately 48-Yu millions of people around the world. And according to the report, the least popular cocaine. The approximate number of "fans" Management United Nations has identified 16 million.

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