Marijuana helps the body to fight HIV

American scientists have discovered a special substance in the leaves of marijuana. In the future, the extract can be used as a tool to fight HIV infection. Data published in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

This component was tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The substance is the cause of the change of consciousness in the use of the drug. The main rational and systematic application with regard to the medical evidence.

To test their theory, the scientists made the experiment on monkeys. It turned out that tetrahydrocannabinol prevents the virus from replicating in the body. Thanks to T-lymphocytes faster cope with pathological agent.

HIV is a serious disease. Today there is no clear understanding of the mechanisms of influence on him. It is believed that HIV is extremely difficult to cure completely. This requires absolute return as the doctor and the patient.

Scientists emphasize, it is too early to talk about the miraculous invention of the apparatus. However, preliminary data support the efficacy of THC in respect of the pathogen is HIV. Doctors believe that the data obtained in the future can be used to develop a new generation medications.

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