Marijuana does not help in the treatment of depression

According to a new study, Smoking marijuana increases the risk of depression in young people.

Among young people it is believed that the drug helps to cope with stress and depression .

Scientists say the opposite, drug use significantly increases the risk of developing chronic depression. In fact, for the regulation of mood in our body responds to the hormone of happiness - serotonin, from its level in the blood depends on the predisposition to depressive States.

In the Netherlands conducted a screening among young people in depression and found that young people are fond of marijuana are prone to depression. This is due to the blocking of its own synthesis of serotonin, especially in people who have the variant gene responsible for the synthesis of the hormone of happiness 5-HTT. This version of the genome occurs in two thirds of the population.

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For our youth the prevalence of Smoking marijuana are not threatened, as it is punishable by law, but for some countries this situation is common. For example, in the Netherlands allowed the use and possession of marijuana up to 30 grams, In Germany there is a network, where visitors can taste the forbidden grass, Switzerland's only national production in Canada marijuana sold in pharmacies for medicinal purposes - you can receive medical treatment from depression.

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