Marijuana disrupts brain function, the study found

A group of researchers from Columbia University have found: the risk of Smoking cannabis is still there, and quite large. As it turned out, the use of the drug violates in the brain the formation of dopamine, the hormone of joy. As a result, the reward system becomes unusable, the person becomes more irritable and less motivated to work.

The study involved 11 volunteers aged 21 to 40 years. All subjects had a serious dependency on marijuana, used it almost every day, writes The Times of India. Obtained in the survey results, the researchers compared with a control group of 12 healthy people.

It appeared that regular cannabis Smoking impairs the functioning of the dopaminergic system, increasing the likelihood of developing depression and many other mental disorders.

Scientists believe that the drug inhibits the learning process and changes human behavior. Getting joy by drugs change the brain, especially the striatum, a region associated with memory and attention.

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