Researchers from the Seven Seas conducted a survey of 2000 people over the age of 60 years. 43% admitted that they do not always adhere to the diet, allow yourself to write, which nutritionists advise not to drink at all. 12% indicated a decline in the quality of the food on reaching retirement age. 10% overeat, 5%, conversely, eating too little, reports The Daily Mail.

According to the data obtained, the average elderly person skips a week two breakfasts, two Lunches and one dinner. The main reason for skipping Breakfast is lack of a sense of hunger, many were content with one only tea or coffee. Almost one third of the studied group is replaced lunch with a light snack.

25% referred to employment, because of her they couldn't find time for a full meal. 10% didn't want to constantly cook since lived alone. 48% admitted that they have become worse to eat after their children and grandchildren began to live separately.

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