Manual therapy in diseases of the back and neck

Manual therapy is an effective non-medicinal method of treatment of the body. A special system of therapeutic techniques enables the treatment of joints and spine, ligaments and muscles. Using the techniques of manual therapy can also relieve a person from neurological diseases and diseases of the internal organs.

Manual therapy is much like the classic massage. The main difference is in the dosage strength on the limited localization sites. This method allows to solve such problems, which cannot be cured by other means (even with medication). In the hands of a professional manual therapy can work wonders!

Manual therapy of the spine can improve the volume of traffic intervertebral joints, increase the elasticity of the ligament and muscle vehicles. Soft hands of a specialist and minor muscle of the patient's efforts provide an excellent result. The impact may be on the spine and on the individual vertebrae.

Procedures manual therapy is not recommended on a daily basis. An experienced doctor can easily determine desired in a particular interval. Usually a break between sessions range from 1 to 7 days. Such periods of time necessary, to ligaments and muscles that during the session, "get close", has managed to secure a new position. If you need chiropractic, which prices are set pretty priemlemye, in almost every region there are health centers that offer this service.

No matter how effective was not manual therapy, it also has some contraindications (malignancy, acute infectious diseases, acute injury to the bones, skull, pelvis, spine, disorders in the circulatory system and some others), so, before you start treatment, you must consult a doctor.

To get from the use of manual therapy maximum effect, should alternate it with classic massage, physical therapy, a course of herbal treatment. It is desirable to Supplement the manual therapy physical therapy.

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