Mango takes under control the level of sugar in the blood

Federation of societies of experimental biology, USA, were investigated positive effects from eating mango. As it turned out, mangoes helps to regulate blood sugar levels of people suffering from obesity, reports Medical News Today.

The influence of the mango was evaluated after the results regarding the number of experiments conducted over 20 raised by volunteers. Over 12 weeks, each of them were treated daily with 10 grams of mango in the lyophilized state. By the end of the study period, it was found that the level of sugar in volunteers significantly decreased in comparison with the initial indicators.

Volunteers of both sexes, significant changes in body composition did not notice (the ratio of adipose and other tissues), however, in women there was an increase in body mass Index. Ozvuchennye the results of the experiments are consistent with the results disclosed in the process of conducting similar studies in animals (mouse, sitting on fatty food had improved sugar).

To say, on what principle works mango, scientists, today, I can't. Mango is rich in polyphenols. However, there is information that isoflavone (similar polyphenol) in soy, epigallocatechingallate, extracted from green tea and proanthocyanidin from grape seeds that have a positive effect on adipose tissue. And she has a directly relationship with sugar.

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On average, 100 grams of fresh mangoes contain 60 calories, a significant amount of prebiotic fiber, vitamins C, a and B6. Also, in the mango contains triterpene and lupeol, which inhibit the development of skin cancer and prostate cancer.

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