Man inherited HIV from gorillas

The human immunodeficiency virus could be transmitted in complex ways from gorillas and chimpanzees. This is the conclusion of experts from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Montpellier in the analysis of litter monkeys.

Among monkeys found their own form of immunodeficiency. "We conducted a study, which shows that the virus SIV that infects chimpanzees and gorillas, able to cross the species barrier and cause of the epidemic," said researcher Martin Peters.

The virus could get into the body of ancient humans through scratches and bites. There is a chance that the virus could be transmitted by eating the meat of infected animals.

In the structure of HIV-1 includes four groups: M, N, O and p Each has its particular origin. It is believed that HIV-1 M and N are descended from gorillas and chimpanzees, it is associated with 90% of cases. Viruses of group O and P is almost not transmitted to humans.

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