Man has not five senses but one, scientists believe

Don Katz, Associate Professor of psychology from Brandesco University, conducted a study with laboratory rats. The researchers examined the relationship of sense of taste and smell in animals and concluded: actually, any living creature all the senses are very tightly linked, and to separate them does not. It is reported by The Tribune.

Katz was disabled in the rat brain areas responsible for processing of taste signals in olfactory cortex. This caused severe change of taste, the animals ceased to react to significant odors, get to know them. Scientist suggests that sense of smell and taste have a tight relationship and form a "chemosensor system".

Similar situation and with other systems of the senses. Touch, hearing and eyesight are also connected, said don Katz. The human brain is like a computer. The senses send information, and nervous system gives a single response in the form of an electrical pulse.

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