Man has forgotten his past and spoke in another language

Michael Thomas Boatright is the person that caused great interest of doctors from different countries. According to Medical News Today, a new life Michael began this year on February 28 - woke up, he spoke in the language of another country who has never tried to learn. Before that, there was a loss of consciousness, and even hospitalization in the desert Regional Medical center. That is, woke up Michael in the hospital, where he recorded amnesia.

The result - Boatright now believes that his name Johan Ek, and speaks only Swedish, but found it documents belong completely to another person. Doctors believe that this is a rare case of total amnesia. This kind of stroke or epilepsy is not related simply by a sudden memory loss.

Typically, memories of a different life events quickly restored. But sometimes, problems remind myself for many more months. To at least partially restore the biography of the patient, the social workers had to work hard.

About it it is known that on 24 February, he flew from Hong Kong, going to palm springs. It is not known what he had done abroad, but the link with Sweden was still found. Hundreds of images of authorship Michael Beatrice were posted online, but they belonged to a supposedly living in China Swedish designer and teacher of English. In Sweden live two sisters of Beatrice (that is, it is possible that this is his sister). From the same country received and baby pictures.

The victim is still under the supervision of doctors.

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