Mammograms can cause breast cancer

It turns out that the standard procedure of mammography, which is necessary to detect early signs of breast cancer, harm the women. The latest research has shown, scanning, on the contrary, may increase the risk of cancer in the individual girls.

According to experts, the radiation exposure during the procedure mammography, a bad influence on young women (under 30 years) with mutated versions of genes BRCA1 or BRCA2. When scanning, these subjects the possibility of cancer was increased in 5 times (met each 400-female), reports The Daily Mail.

The study involved two thousand women of full age, having one of these genetic mutations. The patient recorded as procedures with exposure they suffered in my life. Then at 850 wards scientists have discovered cancer. With about 50% of this group of women to 29 years already received direction on x-ray examination. And one third of women at least once already had a mammogram.

The results revealed the following statistics: in 9 out of every 100 women with genetic disorders, for 40 years, cancer will manifest itself. Girls, Obrucheva chest in 20 years, received the cancer risk by 43% and below 20 years of age increased the risk of disease by 62%. The irradiation area of the breast after 30 years did not influence the risk of breast cancer. It is noteworthy that for women who have crossed the milestone of 50 years with no history of genetic abnormalities, mammography is not contraindicated. For ladies risk their feature mutated genes did patients sensitive to radiation, because here were affected genes, reducing failures in DNA.

Scientists say if the modified genes will be damaged due to exposure, they will not be able to recover DNA. So there is a high risk of cancer. Currently, the English doctors, and doctors from the Netherlands and Spain already send patients on MRI but not on a normal scan.

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