Mammogram rarely save lives in the aggressive forms of cancer

In recent years, doctors of medical professionals have become more frequent disputes about the benefits of screening mammography for early detection of aggressive forms of breast cancer. Many doctors do not agree with the belief that annual mammogram saves lives.

A new study by researchers from Darmouth proves that stories about how the woman in time was identified by the identification on the mammogram cancer, rather isolated cases than statistics. According to medical statistics, only 1 in 8 women breast cancer was detected at the annual examination. Additionally, many found the way tumors grew very slowly and not to cause harm to women for many years.

At the moment, the working group physicians for the prevention of diseases of the U.S. working on new principles of cancer screening, according to which women should be screened only once in two years since 50 years. Women with factors of predisposition to cancer, it is recommended to start to get screened earlier.

Nesmotrja on published data, today screening mammography, sakaomoto breast and examination by a specialist is the only methods of early detection of cancer Moloney cancer in our country.

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