Malocclusion, what age to start to fix it?

Presence is not a correct bite in adults is a cause of untimely visit to the orthodontist in childhood or negligence pediatric dentist or parents.

Also among the causes of malocclusion include congenital defects, harmful habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier, bottle, chest, and even rickets. Improper or untimely teething can also play into the hands of the wrong bite.

In the modern world there is a huge variety of ways to repair such a defect, however, all have not a notion what I was talking about. But best of all in a timely manner to prevent a correct bite and time to show the child to the dentist.

We must remember that the earlier you seek help from a specialist, the probability to correct the defect more. As a rule, get rid of malocclusion by yourself is almost impossible. It is necessary to adequately assess the problem in time and lead your child to the doctor.

Many parents and some doctors believe that it makes no sense to fight with malocclusion, until you get all molars is at the root of wrong judgment. Modern medicine is able to fix a similar illness after full eruption for 4 - 6 teeth. And it certainly is good, because the sooner to undertake the treatment, the effect will be more effective.

The benefits of correcting malocclusion at an early age:

- deliverance from problems with molars;

- getting rid of malocclusion is much faster and easier than adults;

- psychologically at an early age, children tolerate the procedure easier.

If parents wish to correct the bite of a child at a very early age, doctors may recommend a pacifier performing the correction of malocclusion by means of separation of the tongue from the teeth.

If the question is about the correction of malocclusion, visible to the naked eye, in this case, doctors advise to use braces, crowns, plates, trainers.

The consequences of malocclusion obviously can not be called pleasant, because in the future it can develop complex child restraints. If you do not notice the defect in time and not to take his medication, then later to fix it will be much more problematic.

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