Malocclusion: how to beat him?

A beautiful smile is an important element of traditional concepts of beauty. Now, when your baby is very small, and he's just starting to appear first teeth, this question does not seem so important. However, good parents will not lose vigilance and not miss the moment to show the child to the dentist if you have even the slightest suspicion on malocclusion. Because of how quickly corrected the deficiency depends on the health and mental comfort the younger man. Fix everything in the beginning is much easier. Sometimes you can do without the braces, only one massage. Parents should know that abnormalities of the jaw is not only a problem of aesthetics. Malocclusion leads to the fact that during mastication individual teeth get too much pressure, and this leads to loosening and periodontal headaches. Besides incorrectly developed jaw is not always correctly gives rise to wisdom teeth, and to 20 years may be another problem - the wisdom tooth, the price is substantial, if the tooth is cut incorrectly, and it is in the hospital. Among the means of correction are very popular trainers from silicone. They are soft and do not cause inconvenience. Put on the night and for a short time during the day. Suitable for very young children. And successfully overcome the root of all evil is the root cause. Unsympathetic iron braces gradually go out of fashion and were replaced by lingual braces cost is not much higher than the metal. Of course, they are cheap and have a therapeutic effect, but this, perhaps, and all their advantages. In order not to injure vulnerable psyche, you can find fashionable braces favorite color. And even invisible, which are attached to the outside of the teeth, and the inside. However, there are a couple downsides - such a device requires more care and more expensive, addictive takes several weeks and can not chew the cud. These braces are usually not set before the patient is old enough to adequately perceive the necessary constraints. Treatment of malocclusion requires patience and for the first time can be frustrating, but the sooner it starts, the faster it will end. In children, this process is easier than adults. You should not give your child a disservice and to refrain from treatment. Now if it can be represented in the form of a game with a complex, but important mission, then at an older age will not be before the games. And if you are not going to move to remote areas of Africa, where the particular fashionable is no front teeth in the true beauties of the tribe, then hurry up with visits to the orthodontist. It will help your baby grow up healthy and happy.

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