Male pattern baldness can cause heart disease

Scientists from Japan have found that those men who fall in large quantities of hair, one third more susceptible you have ischemic heart disease, compared with people who have such problems are not observed. For women, this statement does not apply, according to The Telegraph.

According to the researchers, the greatest danger is the loss of the upper part of the head, while the loss in the temporal region is not so dangerous. Men who have lost a lot of hair at an early age are more prone to the development of heart disease. Scientists are still not clear how it is related to hair loss and deadly diseases. They can only assume that the hair may fall out due to some latent disease, which in turn leads to cardiovascular disease. Such may be a resistance to insulin, or high sensitivity to testosterone.

In the course of their work, scientists conducted a comparative analysis of 6 previous similar works, which were also devoted to the problem of interconnectedness heart disease and baldness. In total they took part 37 000 men. As became clear in the result of 3 observations of the men, which lasted 11 years, those who have lost a lot of hair, 32 percent are prone to heart disease at an early age, and 44 percent when they reach 60 years overseas.

However, according to Dorian of Madoka from the British heart Foundation, bald and balding men still too early to worry, because it is necessary to conduct a number of additional studies that would be able to finally confirm the interconnectedness between heart disease and baldness.

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