Male infertility depends mainly on the length of sperm

The focus of most research on the topic of fertility are the size of a sperm and his head, but now scientists are talking about the need to give value and length. According to Live Science, they believe it determines the success of conception. According to statistics 50% of cases, problems with conception causes male infertility.

According to James Mossman from brown University, which focused on the study of seminal fluid 103 men, if one ejaculate sperm of different lengths, it can cause problems. Indeed, variations in the length of sperm (in particular, the length of the tail) and a low concentration of viable sperm present in the fluid, interconnected.

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It turned out that with fewer variations in the length of the active, motile sperm contains the ejaculate more. According to Mossman, of which the share of the most significant variations in the length of spermatids is about 20%. He said that the existence of differences in length was known hitherto, however, no one could imagine how important these indicators.

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