Male hormone prevents hair loss in women

Previously it was thought that the increase of testosterone - the male hormone affects the growth of hair and can even lead to baldness. A recent study conducted by Dr. Rebecca Glaser from the Department of dermatology at the Royal hospital, Sheffield in the UK, says the opposite - testosterone has a positive effect on the growth and structure of hair in women during menopause.

Conclusions based on the study, which covered the 285 women to premenopausal and menopausal women who received substitution therapy testosterone (subcutaneous implants male hormone). In addition to the evaluation of its overall condition of women assessed the condition of the hair (growth, density). Before therapy with 27 percent of women reported having thinning hair. After four weeks were assessed in the questionnaire again, and it turned out that the process of hair loss not only ended 27 percent of women, hair has gotten thicker all women receiving substitution therapy of male hormone.

Rebecca Glaser noted that: "Testosterone does not contribute to hair loss, but rather stimulates hair growth in women, because the male hormone acts as an anabolic. Women, as a rule, at the age of 40 years reduces the level of testosterone, which leads to thinning and hair loss. Further research should be done, which will be evaluated not only on questionnaires of women, and also take into account microscopic examination of hair and evaluating their density professionals".

Among the known factors of hair loss emit genetic, hormonal, psychological.

During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen and hair becomes thick and beautiful after pregnancy this hormone level decreases and increases hair loss, which leads to return to the previous level. During menopause cause hair loss can be a sharp decrease in the level of testosterones.

According to the article, Christina Hutterer in jurnale DocCheck.

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