Male hair loss - causes and treatments

Very often men are faced with the problem of early baldness. For many, alopecia means loss of youth and men is very upset about this trouble. You can see many advertisements offering to buy a variety of tools for the treatment of baldness. But in order to properly treat hair loss, you first need to understand its causes. Let's look at why men start to go bald.

As a rule, male baldness begins with the front part of the head, slightly above the center of the forehead. This type of hair loss sometimes begins in young people. One of the reasons of hair loss is a genetic predisposition to hair loss. Usually it is passed through the maternal line. In addition, there are many reasons such as skin damage in the head or are in areas with high pollution or radiation. But the main reason of hair loss is the overproduction of the hormone DMT.

Typically, baldness, for this reason, it is typical for men from 35 years.

How to deal with baldness and is it even possible? To a certain extent possible. The best option would be to make an appointment to trichologist - doctor who deals with the health of the hair. It is most accurately determine the cause of hair loss and prescribe special medications.

Follow the diet must be rich in vitamins, because vitamin deficiency also affects the health of the hair.

Try to avoid all kinds of stress - they also often cause hair loss. Overall health of the body also affects the condition of the hair. So keep a healthy lifestyle - eliminate bad habits, exercise, observe the daily routine and do not overdo it.

Hair transplant surgery is quite different, more radical method of hair restoration. It's a pretty long and expensive treatment, so not all agree on this step.

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Actually, some men put up with hair loss and get used to the new appearance. In such a situation it is necessary to remember that beauty is largely the prerogative of women, and the male main character and intellect.

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