Malaria deaths in 13 years decreased by 47%

Who has published a report which reveals the current situation of malaria around the world. 97 countries are still in the area of special risk of infection, but the disease from year to year gets better.

9 out of 10 cases of malaria recorded in Africa. There is high infant mortality, not only from malaria, and other infections. Compounding the situation is the Ebola virus, which struck the continent and exacerbated the General epidemic situation in Africa.

Scientists are optimistic about the epidemic dynamics of malaria. Over the last 13 years the mortality from the disease has dropped by 47%, decreased the number of infected people. Over the past year the number of infected declined from 207 million to 198 million.

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Every year of medical equipment in hospitals in Africa is improving, more and more people can get professional help with malaria. Note, vaccines against diseases not, there are only drugs to treat malaria. They are also used as prevention.

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