Make juice at home

Who doesn't love natural fresh juice? Surely no one would refuse to drink a glass of delicious drink, but what to choose: liquid bright attractive packaging in the store or cooked fresh at home? Anyone who has ever made this drink , you will prefer your product. Why?

First, there is no chemistry in the form of sweeteners and dyes in this product, and secondly, all the vegetables and fruits in your garden grown without growth stimulants. But for making a perfect drink at home is necessary sokovarkoy.

A variety of electric and automatic devices now available in shops, household appliances, therefore, to determine their choice is not so simple. For this you need to know the wiring of these units.

What are the advantages sokovarkoy?

Classic sokovarki is solobaric with tube & clamp, a pot of water, a colander and a transparent cover. In a colander sink sliced fruit or vegetables in a pan pour water and bring it to a boil. Then on a slow fire is set solobaric, colander, snorkel, tank, in which under the influence of steam will drain the finished product.

To get a good drink, for example, from apples it would take at least 50 minutes of raspberry - 30 minutes from carrots - 1 hour. The time required for the processing of different raw materials, usually specified in recommendations to the Assembly.

In General, the sokovarkoy is a versatile instrument, the individual elements which can be used as stand-alone items in the kitchen. In addition, vegetables and fruits after it remain that way, which allows to use them in the future, what can be said about the juicer. In cost sokovarkoy is considerably better than the alternative of a unit, and technological renovation, unlike the second, it does not require.

The sokovarkoy will prepare the safest product, and not affecting the environment around. The preparation of the drink does not require constant attention and presence, the device can be put on the stove and go about their business until it is cooked.

When choosing sokovarki, firstly, you should consider what number drink it should be calculated, i.e. its volume. Secondly, get a unit with stainless steel cover that should fit snugly to the pan. Better if it will be with the temperature sensor, based on the readings of which, you can learn about the readiness of the product.

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So, sokovarkoy - it's a really versatile unit that can cook and a wonderful drink, and stews, and to use as a pot or colander.

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