Make a diet for diabetes

Human health mainly depends on lifestyle, mostly from power. Why people develop a disease such as diabetes? Many people mistakenly believe that the cause of diabetes is the use of an unlimited number of sweet. No, the judgment is wrong, first of all, wrong preparation, diet leads to metabolic disorders and diabetes.

Nutrition in diabetes mellitus

All diabetics are sooner or later faced with insulin, which helps control blood sugar levels and, of course, makes its own changes to the quiet life of a diabetic. First of all - power on hours. Yes, hourly meals. Before you make an injection, the patient can not afford the meal.

Mostly important, only the first 3 of the injection, which must be done with a break in 5-6 hours. The last dose of insulin at night should be minimal, it is just for a peaceful and balanced sleep.

To talk about the amount of food for people with diabetes mellitus, it is difficult. Diabetics are divided into 2 types: someone who eats very little and suffers from anorexia; but someone eats a lot and obese. The restriction in the diet can lead to nervous stress and higher blood sugar levels, which will affect not best for health.

For diabetics who want to eat constantly, you must apply cereals and wholemeal bread. These foods prevents the increase of sugar. To avoid fatty, sugary, high-calorie foods and alcohol. Actually, can I drink alcohol when you have diabetes, read here.

Diabetes alcohol almost contraindicated, except in certain cases. In severe form of diabetes, any kind of liquor is eliminated entirely, and in mild disease course, eating 50 grams of vodka, and even useful. But lean on alcohol is not recommended.

Of course, doctors warn about the preparation of the diet for diabetics, but if you think about it, how can people suffering from excess weight, use 1000-1500 calories per day, this extra stress. It is better to pay attention to the composition of the diet than the amount of food.

The composition of the diet

Proteins must be present in the diet of each person, this is especially important for diabetics. Proteins helps to improve metabolism, because for the patient especially dangerous diarrhea. To protein foods include: meat, chicken, dairy products and plant proteins (beans, maize, etc.).

Fats is recommended to use only animal. You can also carry out treatment, taking olive, sesame, linseed oil. They help to cleanse the body.

Carbohydrates are not so important, but the diet must be present. Carbohydrates are found not only in cakes, instead, you can eat brittles, for example, or pasta.

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