Sometimes the desire to continue to communicate to former partners harm the formation of new relationships. This is indicated by the results of the study, researchers from the University of South Florida. There is a separate category of people inclined to keep a friendly relationship after breaking up. Most often, the contact with the former is a reason to keep a fallback when parting with new partners.

According to a survey of 429 people, with around 40% after a breakup kept in touch with former lovers. 93,3% of them started to talk again only a few months after the breakup. For the most part, these relationships could hardly be called strong. Usually they were limited to rare meetings or a call. Only 13% called former a few times a week, says The Daily Mail.

This files most often have contact with former lovers, those who were in official relations. Many wanted to save the other. However, the hotel group of individuals maintained contact with the former for the sake of a backup plan. In this case, to build a new relationship turned out to be much more difficult, the researchers note.

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