Magnetic toys are dangerous for children

With the increased popularity of magnetic toys, increasingly, there are cases of accidental ingestion by children. On the pages of the medical journal The Lancet, doctors expressed their concern about the dangers of magnetic toys.

In his address Dr. Anil Thomas George (Anil Thomas George) and Sandip Motives (Sandeep Motiwale) from the Queen's Medical Center, as well as some specialists Nottingham Medical University reported two cases of ingestion of magnetic toys children who, today, have to undergo serious operations.

In both cases, the magnets were swallowed by children accidentally. 18 month baby had swallowed a dozen small magnetic fields. The second incident occurred with 8 year old kid, who managed to swallow a couple dvuhsantimetrovymi magnetic strips. Subsequently, the children felt mild pain in the stomach, forcing doctors to detect in their digestive system the above toys.

Usually small objects swallowed by children, freely pass through the digestive system without causing significant internal organs damage. However, swallowed by the child, the magnets are attracted to each other and cannot be removed from the digestive tract, which subsequently may lead to the formation of fistulas (pathogenic links between soft tissue in the hollow organs).

Dr. George explains:

Despite the fact that the danger of a magnetic toy is being actively discussed in the United States and Canada, for the first time this issue was raised by doctors in the UK.

Dr. George also noted:

Research conducted by the Centre for research injuries at children's hospital in Columbus, Ohio, show that the number of emergencies that have occurred with children under the age of 18 years, for the last 20 years has increased in 2 times.

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