Magnetic therapy can help to overcome cravings for Smoking

Smoking has a negative effect on the organs and systems of man. Particularly the lungs, heart and vessels. This increases the fragility of the circulatory system, reduces the force of cardiac performance, increases the risk of developing heart attacks, strokes, angina. Doctors believe that nicotine addiction is a disease. And any disease is treatable. Magnetic therapy will help a person to quit or significantly reduce their number, which will improve the body.

However, scientists do not advise anyone to rush to the new method, as it was not a sufficient number of clinical trials. Magnetic waves are sent to areas of the brain that are responsible for the development of dependency. It is noted that for this function is part of the prefrontal cortex and insular area of the human brain.

To confirm the positive dynamics in magnetic influences scientists conducted the study. It was attended by 115 smokers who volunteered for the experiment. People were divided into three groups. The first group was submitted to the brain waves of high frequency, the second group - the low-frequency vibrations. The third group was the control and was used for comparison.

The study showed that high-frequency stimulation of the magnetic field allows you to quit or reduce their consumption of cigarettes. The impact on individual areas of the cerebral cortex allowed to change the reaction to the cigarette from positive to neutral.

It should be noted that magnetic therapy is used for a long time for treatment of mental disorders and depression. It is quite possible that in a short time this method will be adopted physicians struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and tobacco use.

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