Magnetic squares headaches and depression

An electronic device of a small size will be able to alleviate the suffering of humans during migraine, depression, and reduce the intensity and number of attacks of epilepsy. Two magnetic stickers square shape that subjects had been plastered on the forehead before going to sleep 3 months during the study, was saved from the headache 73% of the patients talk about their achievements, the creators of the device.

The results of the study device transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) were presented in London at the European Congress on problems of migraine headaches. This pocket magnetic device was tested on 60 volunteers with migraines. For 3 months of treatment not only reduced the severity of headache in most subjects, and also removed the associated symptoms of migraine: nausea, dizziness, memory problems, painful sensitivity to light and noise (63% of volunteers). It was also noted that the use of the device reduces the total number of days when headache (53%), and for the year use of TMS in subjects with epilepsy 60% reduction in frequency of attacks. Now magnetic stickers are about 25 thousand rubles. Stickers are connected by wires to a small box attached to the belt. At the first sign of a migraine, you must bring the device to the back of the head and press the button. The device will generate a small electrical impulses that will stimulate the trigeminal nerve. So would be prevented generated at the beginning of a migraine attack magnetic storm in the brain.

We note that the creators of the unique device can not clearly answer the question of why electrical stimulation of the trigeminal nerve has a similar beneficial effects.

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