Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI of the spine in the detection of diseases

The most promising and the most common method of diagnosis is MRI and he is considered the "gold standard" in determining disease of the spine and install all its degenerative-dystrophic changes.

Thanks to MRI, it is still possible to accurately determine the condition of the soft tissue of the spine, and early diagnosis allows early treatment and frees the person from the development of more serious diseases of the spine.

Indications for MRI of the spine is quite extensive, the main this is a different injury, herniated discs of the spine, malignant and benign tumors.

Often diagnose spinal injuries when struck other structures of the spinal canal, it is also possible to diagnose diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, acute circulatory disorders in the spinal cord, it is possible to identify the abnormal development of the spine, which leads to the formation of a hump on the back with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine.

MRI of the spine used for the diagnosis of structural disorders of the nervous fibres, small and large areas of ischemia of the spinal cord, various neoplastic diseases, determine the narrowing of the lumen of the spinal channels, when there is spinal cord compression.

Additionally, this method of diagnosis can determine the compression of the nerve roots and vertebral displacements and pathology of the cartilage that causes deformation of the intervertebral discs, as well as all congenital anomalies.

MRI of the spine shows the structure not only of the soft tissues, but also a clear picture of the bone structure of the spine and spinal cord. Those patients who were diagnosed using MRI received a full diagnosis of the condition of the spine and was able to get rid of diseases in a very short time.

It should be noted that prior to diagnosing with MRI, the doctor explains the purpose of carrying out such procedures, when it explains in detail how this is done and the person understands that this diagnostic method is not harmful for the spine, and other organs.

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This is because in this case uses a magnetic field, in contrast computed tomography of the back, which use x-rays, and this method is not recommended for the diagnosis of diseases of pregnant women and children.

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