Magnetic bracelets can be a great replacement dumbbells

The scientific staff of the University of Culkin were created "magnetic dumbbells". They are compact bracelet with weighting up to 24 pounds, writes The Daily Mail. These magnets allow you to build strength training depending on preferences and physical powers of man.

For workout, just need to wear two bracelets. One is worn on the forearm, the other on the shoulder. In bracelets powerful built-in magnets with adjustable resistance. According to the developers, this is a complete replacement of dumbbells. As undeniable advantages is the absence of a need to change the "pancakes", to look for a place to store inventory, to think about transportation.

The bracelet is built display with information about the weight at the moment. Adjustment buttons allow you to change weight: each press adds or diminishes the resistance to three kilograms. Minimum weight is 3 kg, the maximum is 24 kg In the bracelet also has a recording function of the frequency of movements, which notes the number of repetitions

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