Lymphatic drainage facial massage will give you a youthful

With age and with the presence of inflammation, metabolism in the body slows down. Lymph responsible for the withdrawal of excess fluid from cells and transport of toxic degradation products, less intensively washed fabric. As a result, the toxins and excess fluid accumulates in the cells. The circulation of lymph is reflected, first of all, on the condition of the skin in the facial area. You may notice the appearance of such signs, as puffiness, redness of the face, bags under the eyes, the feeling of aging skin, fine facial wrinkles. Lymphatic drainage facial massage can help you in solving these cosmetic problems and will return the charm of youth.

Lymphatic drainage is a medical procedure designed to stimulate lymph flow. Under the active influence of the movement of lymph cells to receive oxygen and nutrients, and waste products and excess fluid are removed. This contributes to the termination of the inflammatory processes of nature and decongest the lymphatic pathways. In addition, toned facial muscles facial skin and improves its responsiveness to caregiver cosmetic procedures. This greatly increases the effectiveness of their actions. Beauticians recommend lymphatic drainage before plastic surgery, as a preparatory stage or after it - to reduce the recovery period. Lymphatic drainage facial massage is a manual method and using the apparatus.

The manual massage technique

Manual lymphatic drainage massage carried out by a qualified specialist using drainage rods, individually adjusting the degree of pressure on different parts of the skin. Massaging is done bottom-up in the direction of lymph flow.

The hardware method of massage

Mechanical lymph drainage should be done only under the supervision of a cosmetologist. This massage on the skin affected by gas-liquid jet or a microflow. It activates metabolic processes in the upper layers of the skin and strengthens the circulatory and lymphatic vessels.

After a course of lymphatic drainage massage you will feel a noticeable change in the skin:- eliminates fine wrinkles;- disappear "bags" under the eyes;- swelling subside, adjusted the facial oval;- restores firmness and elasticity;- returns the natural complexion.

The process of massage is painless and has a relaxing effect. The length of the session varies from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of fixed the problem.

Lymphatic drainage massage will help you to start one's metabolism, allowing you to preserve the beauty and health of your skin. But it should be remembered that for this cosmetic procedure, there are contraindications is an infectious disease in the acute phase, fungal and pustular lesions of skin, chronic dermatitis, blood clotting disorders, malignant tumor and some others.

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