Lung cancer - causes and symptoms

Malignant tumor developing in the lining of the bronchi and lungs, called lung cancer. There are dependent on the person the cause of the disease and beyond.

For reasons that do not depend on the patient include:

• genetic predisposition;

• other tumor diseases;

• old age;

• chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia;

• scarring in the lung tissue;

• the endocrine system.

The main cause of the disease, depending on the lifestyle of the person, is called Smoking. In tobacco smoke allocate more than 4 thousand species of poisonous substances deposited on the bronchial mucosa, they destroy living cells and enters into the internal organs, leading to various changes. The experience of the smoker and the number of cigarettes smoked per day is also important. Harmful substances from cigarette smoke do not dissolve and are not eliminated from the lungs. A healthy person has a respiratory pink, and the smoker - blue black. Passive smokers inhale about 80% of tobacco smoke.

The following risk factor is occupational exposure, for example, blacksmithing, cotton manufacturing, chemical, mining industry.

The problem of clean air in large cities leads to respiratory diseases.

Common symptoms that indicate a lung cancer include weight loss, weakness, increased sweating, fluctuating body temperature.


• causeless long cough with sputum yellow-green color;

• intensive hemoptysis;

• shortness of breath;

• full off easy from work.

Lung cancer occurs in various clinical and x-ray forms.

Central cancer (bronchial tubes) in the initial stage does not manifest itself as bronchi on x-ray images are merged with the image of the heart and blood vessels.

Peripheral cancer grows in the lung tissue, it is asymptomatic, detected incidentally during examination. Sometimes the disease affects the shoulder girdle, instead of an oncologist, patients for a long time observed by other specialists.

Pneumonopathy cancer resembles pneumonia, patients can have prolonged treatment with no apparent result. The tumor grows very quickly, takes a variety of parts of the lung.

Atypical forms of lung cancer associated with increased metastasis in the Oncology liver, brain, bone. For liver disease characterized by jaundice, brain cancer manifests itself as stroke, bone pain in her spine, fractures often occur.

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To diagnose lung cancer is difficult, so more than half of the patients will get to know it at last, unresectable stages. To prevent cancer, you need to undergo annual chest x-rays, more serious examination methods - computed tomography and magnetic resonance, bronchoscopy, biopsy, tumor marker.

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