Lung cancer can be suspected on the temperature of exhaled air

Researchers from the University of Foggia conducted a survey of patients. Each doctor suspected lung cancer. An assumption was made that the temperature of the exhaled air can be put in such a terrible and difficult diagnosis, writes Science World Report. Scientists thought in the right direction, research has shown.

Lung carcinoma is a dangerous form of cancer very high survival rate. Smoking, bad ecology, genetics are all factors of risk of lung cancer. The study involved 82 patients with suspected cancer. Each of them went through the standard cancer tests and breath test. In 40 out of 42 patients the diagnosis was confirmed.

A breath test showed that in the group diagnosed with cancer, the temperature of the exhaled air was slightly higher. The data were measured with a special thermometer X-Halo, designed just for this purpose.

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In smokers, the researchers note, the temperature of the exhaled air was higher than all the others. While it is difficult to speculate about the objectivity of the method. Will conduct a series of research before you start "breathing" of the test and its use in clinical practice.

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