Lung cancer at the initial stage will help to identify simple analysis

The staff of the Milan National cancer Institute was able to develop the latest method. It will allow you to diagnose lung cancer in the early stages of its development. The beginning of the disease can now be identified using a simple blood test.

This discovery will allow you to diagnose cancer, on average, two years earlier than it will be detected by passing the patient x-ray or examination on the scanner, which is usually used in such cases.

Scientists have taken the analysis of a blood 939-year-smokers. And the result of the study, based on molecular diagnosis, 69 patients were detected with lung cancer at an early stage. This test allowed the scientists to determine not only the beginning of the disease, but also to refute 80% false-positive results obtained from smokers by computerized tomography.

The work is dedicated to the discovery, published by researchers in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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