Lunch outside the home 7 times increases the risk of food poisoning

Scientists from the United States was able to establish that, until recently, the most common cause of food poisoning in developed countries has been and remains the misuse of eating meat, mostly chicken.

According to statistics published in the report submitted by the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. in the past year, food poisoning caused the death of nearly 3,000 citizens of this country. Of which almost half (46%) died due to poisoning from eating improperly cooked meat dishes, as well as expired meat products.

The researchers note that the fault of the manufacturer of defective products has been proven only five percent of cases. In other cases, were themselves to blame consumers who improperly cooked meat. The word "wrong" refers to the fact that they didn't prozharivali it, leaving all dangerous microorganisms in the meat. This was the cause of 45 percent of all cases of poisoning. In 35% of deaths of people have used frozen meat, which was too long in the freezer.

In other cases of poisoning occurred because of violations of the rules of hygiene. The bacteria got into the body of the people from the dirty unwashed hands or clean table. In addition, the risk of poisoning increased seven-fold in the case, if one prefers, at least once a day to dine in catering establishments, such as restaurants, cafes or eateries, in short, anywhere except at home. It should also be noted that this list does not include fast food - fast food, where the food is so dangerous, where are dying even deadly bacteria.

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