Lunch at your Desk can reduce productivity of students

Eating at your Desk has a negative impact on the overall health of people. The researchers conducted a survey of more than thousands of people working in the office. According to collected data, about 40% of office workers lunch is systematically in the same place and work.

The smells of fatty foods, fish, cheese at lunch time spread throughout the office premises. In the result of deteriorating working conditions for the staff in the office.

The pleasant smells of foreign food, according to respondents, have fresh pastries, bacon sandwiches and toast with butter. Many people thought of those who eats lunch at his Desk, individuals with antisocial traits.

Note, less 20% of office workers at least once asked his colleague to go to lunch in another place because of the abundance of smells in the office. In General, lunch at your Desk is bad manners. Too often disregard their own lunch increases the likelihood of obesity. Moreover, lunch at the computer and paperwork unhygienic.

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