Lunch and Breakfast are fading into history

Hour lunch break at work today - attribute not every office life, all the accelerating pace of life, work mode of modern cities 24/7, make tradition meal go down in history, and people increasingly eat on the go.

According to a new study by British scientists today, the average employee spends on lunch just 20 minutes. While modern man meal five times a day, but would prefer to skip dinner with three courses. On average, business dinners and Lunches modern employee spends 35 hours a year less than 10 years ago , simply because he has no time for it. Also, increasingly, he has to give up Breakfast for the same reason. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but he spent no more than 10 minutes or even less. Dinner was also quite late, 16 percent of the population reaps after 8 PM.

Such "high-speed" power mode affects the appetite later in the evening, these people frequent night raids on the refrigerator, which leads to a poor night's rest, as well as predisposition to excess weight. More than half of modern workers spend on food is less than 20 minutes from the working day, this diet may not adversely affect the metabolism and predisposition to obesity.

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