Lunch after 15:00 leads to excess weight

Most nutritionists do not recommend to eat in the evening. And it's not just that in the evenings the risk to eat something delicious, but unhealthy increases. In addition, the metabolic processes in the body slow down, and this leads to the fact that fats are not burned efficiently.

A group of researchers, consisting of American and Spanish scientists were able to establish the exact time, which is most favorable for the main meal. Those who lose weight should eat within three hours of the day, reported the newspaper the Telegraph.

Scientists were able to do this thanks to the survey, which was attended by 420 people who have problems with excess weight. For them, scientists have made a special diet with a duration of 20 weeks. The results showed that the volunteers who had lunch until 15:00, were able to lose weight more than those who ate after the deadline. The first of them lost 10 pounds, and the second - 7.7 kg

According to the author of the experiment Dr. Frank Shira, the study has become one of the largest, which showed how interconnected the process of losing weight and lunch time. Thus, those who want to lose weight, should not only take into account not only what they eat, but when they do it.

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