Experts from king's College London and the University of Kaiserslautern proved that the LSD under the supervision of physicians performs a useful quality in people. The experiment involved 10 volunteers. They were intravenously administered a dose of 40-80 micrograms of LSD, or "dummy". Next, people were asked to combine a series of pictures of common sense. On the results says the publication The Daily Mail.

The drug had no effect on the reaction rate of volunteers. While people consume LSD, often made mistakes, was confused in languages. The answers provided by them look more creative. Apparently, psychedelics affect the brain and change the objective reality of people.

Scientists suggest that LSD activates a semantic network in the brain. As a result, one pulse scatters in different parts of the brain that gives a completely unpredictable pattern. The information collected, experts believe, will help in the development of new drugs for the treatment of mental disorders.

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