LPG-massage - procedure

Today, LPG-massage - one of the most effective modern methods of combating cellulite, widely used for correction. The method was developed by Louis Field Round in 1986. The Frenchman has designed a headpiece representing rotating rollers, an exciting deep layers of the skin. Formed fold, which at this moment operates the vacuum.

For the procedure uses a special vacuum roller massagers LPG. During the session is directed effect on adipose tissue. Also working out muscles and tendons. Deep lifting ensures the excretion of toxins. The course LPG massage helps to reduce the volume, weight reduction, elimination of cellulite and improve blood circulation. The skin becomes elastic and smooth.

Age restrictions in LPG-massage no. The duration of this painless procedure is 30-40 minutes. The positive effect is visible already after the fourth session. To get an excellent result and to fix it you need to take a course, depending on the problem, from 10-20 procedures, 2 sessions per week.

First of all, LPG-massage - it is a medical procedure, and so there are contraindications to its use. Sessions LPG-massage can bring harm to human health if:

- oncological diseases;

- benign tumors;

- thrombosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis;

- blood diseases;

- inflammatory and pustular skin diseases.

You cannot apply the procedure to the people who recently underwent surgery, during pregnancy, during exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Before you begin hardware massage even a perfectly healthy person should visit a beautician, who will choose the most effective an individual program.

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