Lower back pain can lead to disability

Terrible consequences in itself pose periodic severe pain in the lumbar spine. Further, according to the doctors, this kind of pain are able to grow in constant chronic, leading to disability. Researchers conducted the data analysis based on the monitoring group of patients with this pathology.

The study touched 488 patients and lasted five years, during which the patients every six months passed questionnaire. It is established that the average risk of chronic pain through a floor of year after detection of the first signs of illness - 12%. After five years the risk is reduced to nine percent.

Do not ignore lumbar pain. Most often they are the result of pathology of the spine, zadamlya nerve roots of the spinal cord. Forget about trips to the doctor, you can end up with a large health problems and disability, as the end result.

Although the study is not a new issue, a statistical study of the risk of transition pathology in the chronic form was held for the first time. To date, about 70% of the adult population at least once experienced lower back pain. Some of these pains is pathological in nature and requires a more rapid response. Treating the source of pain will help get rid of the constant discomfort and allow you to live a full life.

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